Geospotial Data Analytics

Information is the economic asset which gives every company a competitive advantage.

We want to provide this advantage to our customers by using multiple data sources. Thanks to advanced algorithms and AI we want to process thousands of data every day, mainly from satellites, drones and ground stations.

We can get information from a large number of different sources. We know from experience that the more sources we have, provided by the state-of-the-art technology, the broader and dipper our analyse and knowledge is. This gives us a higher probability of making the right decision. Satellites provide us with insight, collect and distribute vast quantities of data and give us a detailed picture of what is really happening in our world. With the capability to deliver live imagery in awe-inspiring detail, higher bandwidth communication and increased positioning accuracy, we are entering a new, dynamic phase in how satellites affect our lives and spurring the development of new enterprises, technologies and whole new business sectors across the planet.

We offer our customers multi-level analyses and software that analyze and provides data in real time. We are able to customize our solutions to the customer’s needs. Our goal is to help clients grow their businesses, optimize processes and maximize profits.

Industries to which we provide services are:



Food industry






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