Moon Server

Fully independent data center with enough capacity to provide backup data storage for multiple entities, both for future lunar infrastructure and space missions as well as for terrestrial purposes.

We want to provide our customers with complete confidentiality, cyber security, encryption, and a range of advanced security means designed to provide maximal protection for sensitive data. Physical separation and attack-free geographical position will allow secure operations and guarantee the security of the data, accompanied by end-to-end encryption.

The Server will be able to collect, store, compress and transmit all this data and connect with the majority of satellites or directly with the ground station. Laser communication will allow secure data transfer from the Earth.

The Server will also serve as the main data storage for lunar and surrounding space missions – growing number of plans to conquer the Moon and the Moon Village project ensure the necessity of this solution.


Isolated network with no access to terrestrial networks

No physical access

The lack of significant legal restrictions

Transfer of data with laser and quantum technologies will give an extremely high level of communication security and transfer rate.

Much longer lifetime than a network of small satellites, as well as a lower probability of collision with space debris, which is a growing problem in Earth's orbit.

Indicium Space Box

A smaller, external, completely independent of the space mission and stand-alone device for back-up data with an effective capacity of up to 10TB. Space Data Box will have own temperature control system, hybrid power supply and independent low-frequency communication system for transferring the data.

The network of decentralized Box’es will allow to increase exploration of celestial bodies, without limitations caused by communication position and capacity of on-board computers. The more Space Boxes, the larger the network will be created and will enable additional data protection elements in case of a failure of one of the boxes.

Indicium Box storage can be used primarily for lunar and martian missions. The company wants to offer a product that will take off the burden of the third entities from the need to solve problems connected with safe data storage. It will be able to prepare the device in accordance with the supplied specifications, including the possibility of adapting the size and shape of the product to a limited area of space.

Bearing in mind the durability of the device, it can be useful also for specialized construction, mining, and arctic exploration.

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